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Psychology (BA)

Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Psychology degree offers one of the most flexible liberal arts degrees. Professionals in the field of psychology work to arrive at potential solutions to problems faced by people or organizations.

The Bellevue University Bachelor of Arts in Psychology focuses on psychology as a science. You will develop skills to become an effective communicator and presenter, as we place a strong emphasis on written and oral presentation. In addition, critical thinking, problem solving, research, and statistical analysis skills will help you to better understand and explain the "why" of human behavior. You will develop the ability to apply research and to evaluate psychological concepts and applications.

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Courses in the major include:

This course is an introduction to the scientific foundations of the study of behavior and a survey of basic topics of psychology such as sensation and perception, the brain and nervous system, learning and memory, language and thinking, intelligence, motivation, emotions, personality, development, stress, and abnormal behavior. This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in Psychology except PY 200, PY 211, PY 222 and PY 250 or HS 250 or MA 240.
This course is an introduction to the wide variety of careers available to students majoring in psychology. Topics will include, but not be limited to: writing resumes and cover letters, applying to graduate/professional programs, and issues important in deciding upon an area of specialization. Students will learn about the various careers in psychology through presentations with professionals in the field and exploring information available on Internet sites, such as that of the American Psychological Association (1 credit hr)
This course is an introduction to and application of statistics and research designs used in experimental psychological research. Statistical software will be used to analyze psychological data collected by the students using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Specific types of statistical tests include: measures of central tendency and variability, correlation, multiple regression, z-tests, t-tests for both independent and correlated samples, analysis of variance/covariance, and various non-parametric tests. Prerequisite: MA 101 or higher
This course covers major concepts and research of cross-cultural psychology, including cross-cultural aspects of ethnocentrism, developmental processes, gender differences, emotion, language, personality, and other topics. Applications of cross-cultural knowledge to understanding one's own culture and the effects of culture on individual lives are included. Prerequisite: PY 101
This course is an examination of research design issues in psychology and related disciplines with emphasis on accurate reading of published articles. Students write a research proposal including a literature review, an operationally stated hypothesis, and data gathering procedures. Students continuing on to PY 354 Experimental Psychology may carry out their research proposals. Enhancements for PY 353 provide instruction in American Psychological Association manuscript style. Prerequisites: PY 101 and PY 250 or HS 250 or MA 240 (PY 250 or HS 250 or MA 240 may be concurrent)
This course is a study and application of experimental techniques for investigating psychological issues. Students replicate experiments or design their own investigations, write experimental reports, and use computerized statistical analysis. Prerequisites: PY 101, PY 250 or HS 250 or MA 240, and PY 353.
This capstone course for psychology majors focusing on the discussion and analysis of significant issues, methods, and bodies of knowledge in psychology. Students will be responsible for the content and direction of the course under the guidance of the instructor. Prerequisites: PY 101, PY 250 or HS 250 or MA 240, PY 353, and six additional hours of upper-level psychology courses, or permission of the instructor.

Selected Courses:

Group A - Select one course from the following:
  • PY 211 Human Development
  • PY 222 Human Sexuality
  • PY 235 Fundamentals of Counseling
Group B - Select one course from the following:
  • PY 311 Abnormal Psychology
  • PY 322 Psychological Assessment
  • SO 345 Social Psychology
  • PY 382 Psychology of Women
  • PY 444 Psychology and Religion
Group C - Select two courses from the following:
  • PY 301 Personality Theory
  • PY 320 Human Memory and Cognition
  • PY 368 Learning Theory
  • PY 371 Biological Psychology
  • PY 375 History of Psychology
Students choosing to complete a BA in Psychology must also complete the following courses (can be completed as part of the CORE requirements):
  • BI 204 Human Genetics or BI 206 Nutrition Through the Life Span
  • SP 101 Elementary Spanish I

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