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Graphic Design

Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design as Bellevue University is a multidisciplinary degree, designed to give you a solid understanding of the elements of design and help you develop creative visualization, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. You will learn to conceptualize and communicate multiple design solutions for a wide variety of media and multiple audiences.

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Courses in the major include:

This course explores methods for generating original solutions to the creative problems faced in graphic design. The importance of research and research methods will also be emphasized.
This course analyzes fundamental elements and principles of design necessary to solve graphic design problems. Topics including grids, hierarchy, contrast, balance, and color will be applied to print- and web-based projects. Problem solving and critical thinking skills will be further developed.
This course examines the history of contemporary graphic design. Students evaluate and discuss contemporary design issues with emphases on the evolution of visual communication and its impact on contemporary design.
This course examines the basic fundamentals specific to print design. The topics explored include typography, grid implementation, layout, white space, and color. Students will learn how a project goes from an initial idea to a final printed product.
This course examines the fundamentals specific to web design. Topics will include web standards, design problems, accessibility/usability, and current web topics. Projects will be based on research and presentations rather than technical applications thus providing students with the needed information to continue with web design classes in the program. Prerequisite: Basic computer literacy
This course analyzes how typography is used properly and effectively in graphic design. Students gain skill with typographic terminology as the typographic relationship among graphic elements in symbolic communication is explored with various print- and web-based projects. Prerequisite: GD 116, GD 210 and GD 215, AND proficiency in current version of Adobe Creative Suite software
This course applies the fundamental concepts of graphic design through the creation of projects ranging from posters to business stationery and from one-color to multiple color projects with real-world specifications and issues. The use of project appropriate software will be established. Prerequisites: GD 220 and GD 260
This course provides and in-depth study of interactivity, including the elements of user experience and methods for designing and developing effective interactive interfaces. The fundamentals of design as related to interactivity and user experience will also be covered. Prerequisite: Proficiency in current Adobe Creative Suite Software and GD 230
This course focuses on brand identity. Processes will be explored by designing print- and web-based projects related to brand strategy development and implementation. Research methods specific to design problem solving will be utilized. Presentation techniques are stressed and developed. Prerequisite: GD 260
This course will focus on the creation of effective identity solutions (logos, logotypes and marks), typographic sets, and color palettes. Research of the client's needs, the stakeholders and the audience will be utilized to establish solutions. Prerequisite: GD 350
This course explores advanced methods and techniques with a focus on page layout and publication design. The full range of industry standard hardware and software will be utilized. Projects ranging from brochure to book design and layout will enable students to further develop their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. Prerequisite: GD 320
This course applies concepts in user experience and user interface design that reflect modern delivery systems. The application of course content is through exercises and an in-depth project that reflects contemporary issues faces by today’s web designer. Prerequisites: GD 260, GD 332, GD 232
This course explores advanced elements of web design and development. Through the creation of a multiple-page web project, students will apply current web standards, design and development techniques, and employ an in-depth understanding of contemporary theories. Prerequisite: GD 430
This is the capstone course for Graphic Design majors. Preparation for future employment or graduate study through a finished portfolio (both print- and web-based) of work for potential employment in the graphic design industry is emphasized. Resume development and self-promotion is also covered. Prerequisite: Completion of all GD course work.

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